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Distance Learning

Technological developments including the increasingly widespread use of the Internet turned out to have an impact on the enactment of the distance learning system, or commonly referred to as distant learning. In distance learning e-learning, the student will only open the e-learning site where within the site there are a variety of learning materials that students must master.

In fact, distance learning e-learning has a very wide range of learning, in which almost every person residing in a particular area with adequate internet network then it could follow the learning process of e-learning. In addition, any instructional material contained in this e-leraning is up to date and accurate course and with e-learning and one can use it as a learning strategy in order to disseminate learning materials that exist.

The concept of distance learning is basically can be seen from the absence of face-to-face between students and teachers and it makes the students can learn at home without having to go to the relevant institutions. In addition, the use of various multimedia in the learning process will assist with ensuring the material being taught by a teacher.


lesson plans

lesson plans

Additionally, the e-learning process there is no face to face between teachers and students continuously like in the classroom. In this case, basically, the concept of distance learning students’ independence would come first in utilizing and managing existing learning media in the presence of systematic planning by the education organization.

Even using this computer system, the process of education a student as well as the progress of a student’s performance can also be monitored. Although the education process is not carried out face to face, but there are still meeting sessions between students and teachers at a certain time in order to communicate all kinds of things to do with the learning process through which the students for independent study.

Distance learning e-learning is a learning process that is carried out in the absence of face to face between students and teachers. In this case, computer media and Internet use is important as a way to deliver learning materials to students. The concept of distance learning this way it will train students’ independence in learning with the media as well as the environment around it.

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