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Teacher Education Program Study Abroad

In order to improve the quality of educators scattered in various parts of Indonesia, through the department of education and culture in 2016, a teacher will have the opportunity to pursue education abroad related educational background they have. Teacher education scholarship is intended for all teachers were civil servants or non-civil servants who in this case is the teacher remains the foundation.

In teacher education programs outside the country, then a teacher will learn more about the ins and outs of making teaching plans that can make students more interested in the lessons delivered and certainly more effective. One overseas scholarships for teachers are overseas scholarships from the Japanese government (Monbukagakusho).

In teacher education scholarships offered by the Japanese government, a teacher would get a variety of facilities that include return air tickets from Jakarta to Japan, the cost of visas, tunjang life of ¥ 143,000 per month. Unfortunately, for dormitories, teachers will be reserved exclusively for which payment is also borne by the teacher.

In addition, overseas scholarships for teachers is only given to teachers who did have a very high dedication to education, so it is not surprising that the selection of the scholarship acceptance are stringent. However, you should know that scholarships teacher education is not aimed at study abroad (1)teachers with educational backgrounds such as PKN, Local Language, Indonesian, Arabic, Hospitality and Religious Education.

In addition, the teacher education scholarship recipients are also required to attend a Japanese language classes in the hope of being able to understand all communications made during the educational process takes place. Of course, in getting scholarships abroad for this teacher, then a scholarship candidates must complete a variety of requirements, including handing a diploma which has been legalized and translated into Japanese.

In addition, the teacher must also obtain an affidavit that explains if currently included as a teaching staff that is still active on the agencies concerned in the form of English that have been validated by the school. All files required in the scholarship application are then put together and sent to the Japanese embassy in Jakarta. By following the educational program of this kind, it is expected that the quality of education in Indonesia is getting better.


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